Buzz Aldrin receiving "Live from the Moon"

photo credit: Ross Bell, Executive Director of Aerospace States Association.

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AACLA Mission
 The mission of the Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association is to collect, preserve, and interpret the legacy of Arthur Collins and the Collins Radio Company he founded.

 At fifteen, Arthur maintained reliable communication - when few others could - with the 1925 McMillan expedition to northern Greenland, using radios he had designed and built, along with techniques for short wave communication he had worked out in advance with the ship’s radio operator, John Reinartz, Collins gained national recognition for his feat.

 Over the next four decades Collins built a Fortune 500 Company with, at its peak, over 24,000 employees, known for its extraordinary innovation in avionics and aerospace, advanced radio communication, microwave, telecommunication, and computers.

 A shy man, averse to self-promotion and rarely giving interviews or public speeches, the story of Arthur Collins and his contributions to modern technology are little-known even within the electronics industry.

 The Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association is committed to preserving the memory of this important innovator.
Cedar Rapids Film Festival

G R E A T N E W S !

"Live From The Moon" has been chosen as an Official Selection to be exhibited at the 2020 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival!

Two public screenings of our film during the Festival, Friday, April 3rd [7:30 p.m. - Theater 2] and Saturday, April 4th [9:00 a.m - Theater 4], 2020 at the Collins Road Theatres in Marion, Iowa.
The Cedar Rapids Film Festival staff have POSTPONED their screenings
for the time being...
View the CRIFM site here.
FY19 Annual Report
Our Fiscal-Year 2019 Annual Report has been released.
View the Document here.
A (32FC) Diamond In The Rough
A Rare Collins 32FC Transmitter Found.
by: Rod Blocksome, December 9, 2019

 Recently a Collins 32FC Transmitter was found stored in their warehouse by a company in Alaska. The transmitter seems to have originated about 1934 or 1935. No manual was found with it nor any information as to who bought it and for what purpose.
 The following photos of the 32FC may provide clues to someone out there. We believe the serial number may indicate that this unit was the third one produced by Collins.
 The AACLA welcomes any comments or additional information on the Collins 32FC. Contact Rod at or Larry at

Photos by permission of Alaska Electric Light & Power.

It looks like most of the parts are still there.

James Robert Shanklin

The staff and members of the AACLA are saddened to report the passing of one our association’s founders, Jim Shanklin. Jim was a long-time Employee of the Collins Radio Company, author of several history books about Collins Radio, served on the AACLA Board of Directors and as a Docent for the Collins Aerospace Museum.
He was a Mentor to us all, a Friend and a Gentleman.
★ IMPA Awards Announced ★
We Won Three Categories!

• In the category Editing – Medium Form (30-59 Minutes):
• THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE GOES TO... Eric Dean Freese – The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon

• In the category Soundtrack Audio Mix:
• THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE GOES TO... Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon

• In the category Voice Over Narration:
• THE AWARD OF ACHIEVEMENT GOES TO... Steven James – The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon
View the the results here here.
Iowa Motion Picture Association

Our latest Documentary "Live From The Moon" has been nominated for the Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards in the Categories: Documentary, Medium Form Editing, Original Score, Audio Mix and Voice-over.
We’ll let you know when we learn more!
The IMPA awards has been moved to August 8th.
View the IMPA site here.
1937 Collins Stock
From Creation to Consolidation - View the share certificates of Arthur’s Iowa-based corporation.
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Space Equipment Catalog
Rod recently found this 1966 catalog of Gemini and Apollo space equipment produced by the Collins Radio Co.

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